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We enlisted the services of Gayle Designs to provide us with a modern day look in a post-war beach house situated in St. Brelades Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K. Gayle Designs took our random ideas and translated them into reality. Not only were we able to achieve a lookSt. Brelades Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K. beyond our expectations, we saved thousands because she was able to source materials throughout Europe and the U.K. and have them delivered directly to the site. In essence, I would highly recommend Gayle Designs to anyone looking for timeless beauty in design elements or seeking to achieve peace of mind, as the project was brought in on time and under budget! Looking forward to the next project!
Barbara J. Chomos

Shanty to Chateau... residential or commercial... design, plumbing, electrical, from concept to finished product Gayle Designs will amaze.
T Sonnenberg, Sonnenberg Construction

GayleDesign’s vision transformed my 1980’s space into an upscale, high end look, adding value to my investment and to my enjoyment for years to come. Without a doubt, I recommend GayleDesigns.
Jamie McMillian

Jamie McMillian's Kitchen

S. Davenport

GayleDesigns combined progressive elements of order, rhythm, simplicity and light to form a functional and enduring design. Our home radiates perfection. Thank you!
Jackson Murphy, Seattle, Washington

My wife insisted that we hire Gayle Designs. All I thought of was the added expense, but looking back on the whole experience, I laugh because next time, the only thing that I would do differently, I’d retain Gayle Designs sooner! The insight and experience provided gave us the confidence to build an incredible family home. Mr. & Mrs. J. Inglis

We knew the style that we were looking for but… our home was in framing when we put the project on hold because of design issues. Gayle Designs was brought onto site and within two weeks the project was reconfigured and back on course, with the addition of STYLE. Gayle Designs acknowledged our desires and created our dream. As Gayle says “on completion, I move on, you move in, it has to be what YOU love”.
L. Wilde

After interviewing 5 different design firms and feeling totally confused, we met Gayle, by luck, outside her own home in Crescent Beach. We were admiring the structure as she washed her car. Long story short, by time her car was clean, she was on the team… She explains the big picture, breaking it down into manageable sections. Keeping us focused by educating us to make the right choices and keeping us on schedule and budget. Retaining the services of GayleDesigns was our best investment.
Mr. & Mrs. J.Simons

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